Primary objective of this book is to explain “How DC Motor works ?” in simplified way. This book is designed to help students in understanding fundamental concept and mathematical relation. To offer "Easy to understand” and “Every bit to understand” are main priority of this book.

This book is designed for the audience how curious about “How electric motor works?”, who wants to improve fundamentals of DC Motor, students ages from school &college, first year engineering students & students of electrical engineering & related branch.

What you'll learn from this book?

  • You will get answer of “Why motor starts rotating when supply by voltage source?”.
  • You will understand role of back-emf in energy conversion process.
  • You will understand “How to derive mathematical relation of motor speed and supplied voltage?”.
  • You will understand torque-speed relation and its graphical representation
  • You will understand speed control methods of DC Motor.

Author is grateful to Dr. Dinesh Kumar, PhD, University of Coimbra, Portugal, for checking & proof reading. Author is grateful to Dean Prof. R.B Jadeja & Prof. Sarang Pande for their motivation and support. Author is also grateful to all faculty members of electrical engineering department for their moral support.   

The author welcomes any constructive criticism of the book and will be grateful for any appraisal by the readers.